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Welcome to the Mozilla News Beat. This week we keep on supporting People of color Matter and give the news to advise you about fighting securely, help individuals who need to be a partner, and bolster the battle for racial equity. raised-fist Safety First. On the side of the People of color Matter fights the world over, designers have rushed to manufacture free devices to obscure faces and strip metadata to secure the protection of those dissenting. Here's a guide. | by means of TechCrunch outrage symbol Racism on Reddit. Several mediators on Reddit this week requested the stage — which is known to house numerous supremacist, disdainful, and sexist networks for the sake of free articulation — order a sitewide strategy against bigotry, slurs, and detest discourse. | by means of Business Insider lying-face Source Hacking. A similarly terrible entertainers who spread disinformation online about the coronavirus are additionally spreading disinformation about the People of colo